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DaisyClay air-dry modeling clay
Lotus made from DaisyClay
Daffodil made from DaisyClay
Clay Flower Cutter Sets by FlowerCutterSet


The shape of the cutters is an important aspect to create a look as natural as possible. Real flowers stand model in the manufacturing of cutters. These cutters are produced  with the utmost care and precision by Tarapat Lawansthean, the well known Clay Flower Artist, under her own brand name "FlowerCutterSet"

The Basic Techniques shown in the Tutorials are also available as a FREE downloadable eBook.

Also available two complete flowers, Tulip and Hibiscus as a FREE downloadable eBook.

Rose made from DaisyClay
Iris made from DaisyClay
Sakura bonsai made from DaisyClay
Peony made from DaisyClay

On this website you will find an extensive library of eBooks and DVD tutorials on How to Make Clay Flowers yourself.

The eBooks and DVDs contain unique Step by Step video tutorials.

Making Clay Flowers

a Fantastic New Hobby

ThaiflowerArt's own brand clay

is a perfect Air-dry Polymer Clay for making Clay Flowers.

DaisyClay© is specially developed

to make Clay Flowers, it will give

your handmade flowers a natural

feel and look.

This website is dedicated

to the Art of Clay Flower making. Learn now how to make life-like Clay Flowers from DaisyClay,

Air-dry Polymer Clay.

In the Tutorials you will find,

Tools, Materials, Basic Techniques and a Free Flower with the help of video and slide show tutorials.

On the Products page you will find all Materials and Tools needed to make Clay Flowers.

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eBook Tutorials

eBook &

DVD Tutorials