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On this page you will find links to all Basic Techniques to make beautiful Clay Flowers from DaisyClay© yourself.

By clicking on a button you will go to the desired page. By closely following the lessons with patience and exercise,

you will come to great results and astonish others. We hope to stimulate you in this way to follow the tutorials offered in the eBooks or DVDs.

The tutorials offered by ThaiflowerArt are truly unique and not previously presented in this way.

Have fun exploring and creating.

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Properties of DaisyClay

Using Water Colour

Adding White Colour

Saving DaisyClay

Repairing DaisyClay

Making Colour Lighter

Using the Pasta Machine

Using Cutters

Rubbing Edges

Cutting  Jaggies

Using Vein Stamps

Holding Tools

Using the Point Tool 1

Using the Point Tool 2

Using the Octa tool

Using the Ball tool

Using the Golf tool

Making a Ball

Making a Drop

Covering Top Wire

Covering  Wire Up

Covering  Wire Down

Covering  Wire Graded

Roling Stems

Working with Flora tape

Making Flower Stems

Using Pistil Molds

Folding Leaves

Drying Leaves

Making Leaf Stems 1

Making Leaf Stems 2

Making Petal Stems 1

Making Hidden Leaf Stem

Mixing Paint

Painting Petals

Preparing Petals

Preparing Stems

Making Roots

Using Super Glue

Making a Flower Pot

Gluing on Driftwood

About Orchids and Flowers

Making Petal Stems 2