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Clay Flowers are made by hand from special air-dry polymer clay, steel wire, paint, glue, tape and sometimes paper and foam as a filler. With the help of cutter sets, where each flower has its own

cutter set, the parts are cut from

the still soft clay and then edited with specially designed tools.

After drying, these parts are when needed, painted with necessary precision and then very precisely assembled into a whole flower.

These Clay Flowers have the distinctive characteristic that they look and feel very real.

Get acquainted with this wonderful new hobby, and be amazed, what with patience and practice can be achieved.

All techniques and tools shown can also be used for Sugar Crafting, making flowers from sugar-gum

for decorating cakes.

Materials: shows the most important materials used to make Clay Flowers.

Tools: shows the tools used for this great new hobby.

Basic Techniques: contains videos and slide shows that gives detailed information on how to make these beautiful Clay Flowers yourself.

Free Flower: contains a complete tutorial on how to make an Orange Jasmine.

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Basic Techniques

Free Tutorials

Making Clay Flowers

a Fantastic New Hobby